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Expertise in Configuring and Maintaining
a Full Content Management System
Browser-based editing.
No software to purchase, install or maintain locally. All content-driven activities are conducted through browsers.
Publishing model
The content can be managed according to the organisation's structural requirements with many levels of editorial control: creation, edit/control and issuance
Extranet, intranet, or...
The tools provided support both push and pull communications. Thus sites can be designed as extranets (for the public), intranets (closed-user groups) or in hybrid form.
Content separated from form birdsCMS: .
The actual creation of content is separated from the actual HTML form output. This gives some individuals control over the look of the site, while others simply concentrate on creating material.
Site membership
Individual viewers can join the site's membership group. This allows the creation of 'restricted areas' and also direct communications via the issuance of eMail bulletins (in both text and HTML form).
Support for press releases
Do you issue press releases on a frequent basis? These can be accomodated on both a pull and push basis. A section of the site can be dedicated to presenting press releases and maintaining an archive. Advice of press release issuance can be managed through the issuance of eMail bulletins
Search engine
All sites are supported via indexing and the inclusion of search functions. The search functions also support extended ASCII characters which are commonly required for European languages.
Easy navigation
Many tools are provided for users, editors and site managers. A calendar function is also available for additional ease of navigation.
Customization of content
The presentation of content is managed through the use of templates, navigation facilities, CSS and JavaScript. Site managers have full control over the HTML.
Serving documents
Need a repository from which to serve a Word, audio or video document? Not a problem...
Discussion groups
The content management system also allows for the creation, management and control of discussion groups.